The Dairy Sector

Dairy farming has a huge potential for growth in Kenya. Purko trust has been exploring avenues to enhance its dairy productivity through engagements with friends and partners. Dairy farming is an industry that has successfully triggered the adoption of new technology in the way farming is done and that is the way we want to go.

Dairy Farming has so far proved to be a regular and low cost income earner, from the 14 lactating cows currently at the farm, an average of Ksh. 9,500 is earned per cow per month, giving a total of Ksh. 95,000 to Ksh. 100,000 per year per cow, assuming that every cow lactates for 10 months.  By increasing the number of lactating dairy cows in the farm, the trust has a chance of increasing its daily revenue base at a low operations cost. 


We propose that we increase the number of Dairy cattle by 100. The trust has already sought a Supplier Number from the New Kenya cooperative Creameries (New KCC), to supply milk at  buying price of Ksh. 30 per litre. The total cost for this herd of in-calf heifers is Ksh. 10 Million. In one year, the 100 lactating heifers can give an annual milk sales average of Ksh. 10 Million annually, repaying back its cost of purchase in a record one year.