About Us


Purko Development Trust (PDT) is a registered trust of the Purko community who are residents of Narok County. The Trust was established in 1956 Purko Sheep Ranch with focus on livestock breeding and selling to the community, and was formally registered as a Trust in the year 2000. PDT is headquartered in Ole Tipis centre, 70 Kms from both Narok and Nakuru towns, where the farm landis located. The trust has a total of 5,500 acres of land within the county, 3,200 acres located in the Tipis Area – Entiani and 2,300 acres located in the Kisheldka Area – Naroosura. PDT is an agriculture-based trust growing barley, wheat, potatoes and peas as well as rearing livestock (mainly cattle and merino sheep).

The main object of the Trust is to provide relief from poverty or distress and advancement of education within the Purko Community in Narok County.


The farmland is 3,200 acres located near Ole Tipis Trading Centre which is about 70 Kilometers from Narok town, Narok County. The farm is easily accessible using the Narok-Nakuru road, with the road currently under construction expected to be completed in 2019.

Facilities present at the farmland include an administration block, storage facilities, a borehole, four tractors, implements such as planters, harrows and sprayers, and one company vehicle.

Currently, only 140 acres are being cultivated and PDT would like to increase this to 2,000 acres this year.

Organizational Structure


Members of the Board

  • Bishop Peter Nakola
  • Mr. Frank Ole Ngotiek
  • Mr. Jackson Ole Lekutit
  • Mr. Joseph Ole Kiok
  • Mr. Jacob Ole Kitalo
  • Mr. Parteluan Ole Koonyo
  • Mr. Justus Ole Pilale
  • Mr. Kishion Ole Osono
  • Mr. John Ole Sayiaton
  • Mr. Tulele Ole Tikani
  • Mr. Moses Ole Kiok
  • Mr. John Ole Pesi
  • Mr. Isaac Ole Yiaile
  • Chief Kanyinke Ole Sururu
  • Antony Ole Ketikai

Livestock Rearing

The farm mainly has cattle and merino sheep which are reared for milk, meat and wool.



Barley is a major cereal grain in Kenya used in the production of beer and certain distilled beverages, as a component of various health foods, and as animal fodder


Wheat is the second most important cereal grain in Kenya after maize. Wheat farming in Kenya is largely done for commercial purposes on a large-scale.


Potatoes in Kenya are an important subsistence crop. It acts as a staple food crop as well as cash crop for many rural and semi urban dwellers playing an important role in improving national food security and income generation for those involved in its value chain development.


Green peas are a major vegetable and commercial crop. They can be sold as fresh green seeds, tender green pods, dried seeds and foliage.

Meet Our BOT Executive Team

Mr. Joseph Ole Nkaiwuatei

Chief Executive Officer

Bishop Peter Nakola



Mr. John Sayiaton



Mr. Moses Kiok



Our Commitment

We are committed to secure to all our members Social Justice, Economic Empowerment, Political freedom, Liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship, Equality of status and of opportunity, and to promote Fraternity among all of them, assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Purko Community.